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Tokyo To Hakuba via Public Transportation

Hakuba sits 250k west of Tokyo in the heart of Japanese Alps making it easily accessible for Kantou visitors. Those interested in reaching Hakuba by public transportation have a several different options ranging in price and total time. Here are the most popular methods for getting to Hakuba.

The Shinkansen and Nagano Shuttle Bus

The Shinkansen is the most efficient way to travel between Hakuba and Tokyo and the shinkansen is currently 50% when purchased here at least 20 days before your journey. The total trip to Hakuba takes approximately 3.5 hours and involves 2 steps from Tokyo

  1. Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station. This trip takes 90 minutes as you travel at 200kmph across the Japanese landscape.
  2. Take the Alpico Bus from Nagano Station to Hakuba about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Ultra-luxury chalet guests with Hakuba Hotel Group receive complimentary BMW shuttle service from Nagano Station to their accommodation. All other guests can receive this service by upgrading their package.

BMW Shuttle Service

The Limited Express JR Azusa

The JR Azusa Limited Express train leaves Shinjuku Station every morning at 8:00 and travels west stopping at Tachikawa and Hachioji Stations before making it’s way out of Tokyo. There are several stops before the train arrives at Hakuba Station at 11:42 AM. You can purchase your ticket at the JR Rail Office at Shinjuku Station (or any other station).

The Alpico Bus from Shinjuku Station to Happo Bus Terminal

Alpico operates a year round service linking Hakuba with Shinjuku Station. The service costs ¥5,000 and there are multiple buses every day. Each bus is equipped with a toilet, WIFI, and power outlets making it a comfortable 5 hour journey.